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All of Zach's Wind Band pieces can now be purchased by .PDF directly here. Upon making your purchase, email to receive the full set of score and parts plus an invoice.

Boston Strong        Grade 5 | 9 Minutes       $150.00


"Boston Strong" was first conceived in 2013 as a reaction to the indomitable spirit with which Bostonians met the challenge of the 2013 Marathon Bombings. As the story unfolds this thematic transformation serves to represent the feeling of energy, reflection, and most importantly strength. The music builds to a climactic finish meant to embody and celebrate the insurmountable heroism, fortitude, and resolve shown by the people of Boston in the face of tragedy.


Symphony No. 1 for Band: Ohi yo'        Grade 5 | 19 Minutes      $300.00

I. Scioto     II. Cuyahoga     III. Olentangy     IV. Ohio

The State of Ohio takes its name from the Ohio River and the Seneca-Iroquois word “Ohi yo’” meaning “Great River” or “Large

Creek.” As I’ve toured Ohio, starting with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, and then living in Columbus and studying at The Ohio State University, I have had the pleasure of seeing four of the major rivers in the state, which have provided the inspiration for my Symphony No. 1 for Band: Ohi-yo’.

Kapow!       Grade 4 | 3 Minutes      $80.00

“Kapow!” gets its name from one of the most common words found sprawled across the page of a comic book or a cartoon screen. Growing up, I was always a fan of action, adventure, and heroes which often served as inspiration for long days running around and playing outside with friends.



Mercury's Glimpse        Grade 4.5 | 7 Minutes     $120.00

When John Glenn passed away at the end of my first semester at Ohio State, I began to reflect on his remarkable legacy and contributions to our national landscape as a veteran, astronaut, and senator. Given John and Annie Glenn’s close connections with The Ohio State University, this piece presented itself as an ideal project to work on with the Symphonic Band.


Leader of the Band         Grade 2.5 | 3 Minutes      $65.00

Ron Stabile passed away in March 2012. Ron was my percussion instructor, mentor, and friend.  This piece is dedicated to Ron. He made learning fun and was always happy to listen, give advice, and help. He was energetic, full of ideas, and had a great sense of humor. Like Harold Hill at the end of The Music Man leading the parade, Ron Stabile truly was the “Leader of the Band.” 



Release!         Grade 2.5 | 3 Minutes       $65.00

Release!  was commissioned by McCarthy Middle School in Chelmsford, MA in honor of Romer, the school's service dog. Whether it be helping students, faculty, and stuff or playing with the students, or even performing with the Friday morning lobby band on his maracas, Romer is an integral and inspiring part of the school's community. The music aims to capture Roner's fun-loving and upbeat personality as well as the joy that comes from having a relationship with human's best friend. This piece is meant to celebrate service animals everywhere for their hard work, dedication, and love.


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